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DNA-Based Pet Portraits

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Image by National Cancer Institute

About fifimendel

We are a team of scientists, artists, and animal lovers who are excited by the broad availability of genetic information for pets.  To us, your pet's DNA is so much more than a document with a percentage of breeds, a list of ATCGs - your pet is an individual and those aspects deserve to be captured.  So we developed a patent-pending process to use this information and turn genetic patterns into a rich image that can be easily displayed as a print on your wall or stationary on your email.  We can even combine the DNA pattern with a photo of your pet to make a truly unique portrait!  

Keep reading to see how we make art that is unique as your pet!  PS- we have your back, we can make distinctive art based on your pet even if you don't have a genetic report.  

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How it Works

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Choose Your Style

There is more than one way to... visualize genetic code.  We have different Virtual Artists, each with a distinctive style.

 Choose the one that speaks to you---or your pet!

Tell Us About Your Pet

Tell us your pet's name and what you know about its breed.  Upload a photo and a genetic report if you have one.    

We also have a pet survey to help you choose a virtual artist style that speaks to your pet's personality.

Order Your Masterpiece!

We use everything you tell us to create a custom piece- all risk free.  You can cancel at any time before approving the proof.  

Choose your product to order: digital or printed, framed or stretched canvas. 

And select a color pallette.  Click below to see examples. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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