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  • I consider my plant a pet. Will you make art for it?
    We can do any organism that has a sequenced genome. This includes plants and microscopic organisms too!
  • Do you need blood to get the DNA for my pet?
    We don't need blood, please don't send any to us! We use reference sequences available on public databases and any genetic information you choose to provide to build a "DNA code matrix" that represents your unique pet. This matrix is converted to art based on different "artist" instructions that see the code.
  • What types of genetic data will you accept?
    We can accept summary results from most commercial services (breed panels) or whole genome results via a FASTA file format. Please compress the FASTA results before sending.
  • Can you make art based on a human genome?
    From a technical perspective, yes. We are currently holding off on do so until we feel comfortable handling sensitive human genetic data. Because our art is so true to the genetic code used to make it, it might be possible for someone convert the art back to the genetic code that was used to make it. This means if anything personal is included in that code, such as heritage or health risk, as the potential to be decoded and used in ways the user had not intended! We will continue to explore options for protecting customer data, so please drop us a note if you would be interested in this service.
  • How do I select an artist?
    We wanted to leave the style and palette open so that our piece, once generated will match your decor. However, we do a have a Pet Quiz that will match the style with your pet's personality if you're having trouble deciding. If you have a specific palette or needs that aren't met by the specific pieces, please contact us so we can work with you.
  • How do you calculate shipping?
    For a digital piece, shipping is free. We will send a high quality image to your email. For any physically printed pieces, we know the weight, dimensions and shipping locations and use this information to automatically calculate shipping costs based on USPS Priority Mail service.
  • How can I return an item?
    Your piece will be custom made (one of a kind, just for you!). Since it will not look exactly like the ones pictured here, we will send a low resolution proof via email. Once you approve the proof, we are unfortunately not able to offer a refund.
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